Dressing for That Interview
By Admin

July 13, 2010

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Many people in the industrial sector haven’t a clue how to dress for a job interview.  And when one does….it totally excites the Staffing Expert and puts the candidate to the top of the list when all else is equal.

But what works in making a great impression and why does it do this?  After all, work is work.  Who cares?

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First of all, that staffing expert is looking for candidates that not only has the required skills needed but will also knock the socks off their client employer when met! Skills, although a major component of a job search only represent what you can do, it does not speak of who you are and how well you will fit into their culture.

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Let’s talk about sprucing up for that interview. The how’s and why’s of dressing for a job is simple.  It’s all about respect; respect for yourself, respect for the person that’s interviewing you and respect for the company that hires you. It shows you respect the opportunity given you by the Staffing Expert. Dressing for the interview shows that you deliberately wanted to make a great impression on that Staffing Expert. They will then think if you did it for them, you would also do it for their client if given an opportunity to meet them. You are telling that Staffing Expert by your appearance not to worry, you will make a great impression and be a great representative of their firm.

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More importantly it shows that you have respect for your self. If you’re that conscientious about your appearance it only stands to reason that you will have the same attitude toward your work and job duties. Proper dress for an interview speaks of who you are as a person.

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Coming in for an interview in shorts and flip flops gives the impression that you really don’t care what you do or how you do it. Is that what you want them to think? But on the flip side of the coin, coming in for an interview in crisp clean pants and a clean unwrinkled shirt says that you are a person who knows your self worth. You deserve that face time. You deserve that opportunity to meet the employer.

No one is saying you need to wear expensive clothes or recommends purchasing a whole new wardrobe. What I’m saying is clean and unwrinkled makes a good impression.  Shorts and cut offs do not. Neither does flip flops, tank tops, short shorts and torn jeans (this isn’t the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants!).

To take pride in your work you must first take pride in yourself.  Once you demonstrate that, that job will be all yours!