Standing out from the Crowd
By Admin

July 28, 2010

You’ve been hard at work this week scheduling appointments.  Good work. Take a break this afternoon and go shopping.  What for you ask?

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Well do you want to stand out from the crowded applicant pool when there are over two hundred applicants who need to be weeded? Care to make an even greater impression? Take the time to send a thank you note after your interview. Few do. So if you choose to do this, you will be remembered.

Add this to your to-do list:

Purchase a box of thank you notes…usually ten in a pack. Purchase a book of stamps.

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Write your return address on the top left hand corner of your envelope and stash this all away for later with the same pen you used to write your return address.

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You finally got the interview. Don’t forget to get their business card. Ask for it. And if they ask you why tell them it’s for a thank you note that you plan to send. If they have no business card ask them for the information as you write it down.

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There is always small talk at the beginning of most interviews .You need to remember bits and pieces of it so you can draw on this information in your note. Helping one remember events that they participated in with you will help them remember you.  So before you leave the parking lot, jot down what you’ve learned about the person. If they like dogs, write it down. If they mentioned sports, jot it down. Whatever the two of you discussed that was non-business, write it down after the interview.

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Your note will be short and sweet:  Thank you for taking extra time with me yesterday during our interview.  I’ll keep my eyes out for Newfoundland dogs so I can see one first hand (subject you talked about)!  I look forward to our next meeting.  Sincerely, Joe Great (your name)

You get the point.  Write a short and sweet message that’s a tad bit personal with a courteous close.  It will give them the impression that you know how valuable their time is, that you valued the opportunity they gave you, and that you think enough about them and their company to go the extra mile.

Hand address the thank you envelope using the information you gathered and the original pen you used for the return address and send it by the end of the day.   They will more than likely receive it within a day, two at the most when you and your conversation will be freshest in their minds.

If you choose a colorful enough thank you note, it might end up sitting on their desk.

Do you think you’ll be forgotten?  No, you’ll stand out from the crowd.


  1. Thanks for the tip, Barbara. I’ve usually sent a thank you email then mailed a hard copy to the interviewer on bonded paper (that was what I was taught to use so interviewers would remember me). I can see where this would be a better route to go, especially if you’re really interested in the job.