If 6 was 9
By Admin

July 12, 2010

“Now, if 6 turned up to be 9,

I don’t mind, I don’t mind.

If all the hippies cut off their hair,

I don’t care, I don’t care.

Did, ‘cos I got my own world to live through

And I ain’t gonna copy you.”  – Jimi Hendrix

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These are strange words indeed written by a man long dead.  When Jimi wrote this song over 40 years ago, he was seeking to define himself as a non-conformist.  He didn’t care if he was the exact opposite of what society would call the norm.  He was a freak and he was proud of it.

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I think Jimi may have been on to something here though.  He didn’t write “if 4 turned up to be 7.”  That didn’t work artistically in regards to sound.  See if you turn a 6 upside down you essentially have a 9.  Looking at the number the exact opposite way results in something entirely different.  But the 6 is still a 6 even though it is being viewed at a different angle.  The hippies back in Jimi’s day were still human beings with thoughts, feelings, and dreams.  You just had to look at them differently.

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The point here is that some people see a 6 and some people see a 9, but it can’t be both can it?  In life, we tend to look at things differently than say our spouse, co-worker, father, mother, sibling, boss, etc. but that doesn’t change the fact that there is a right way to do things.  Try to put yourself in the other person’s point of view, literally.  They may be viewing your 6 as a 9.  Worse, you may find out that you are seeing a 9 when really it is a 6.

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Math and numbers normally are reliable creatures.  Consider though in collegiate athletics, the Big Ten Conference has operated for years with 11 schools as members.  Recently, they added another school to bring their total to 12.  Meanwhile, the Big Twelve Conference lost two schools to bring their total schools to 10.  So the Big Ten Conference is really the Big Twelve Conference and the Big Twelve Conference is really the Big Ten Conference.  Confusing, isn’t it?

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Talk things through.  Don’t jump to conclusions so fast.  Ask yourself whether you’re viewing this from the right perspective?  You may find that problems can be solved quicker and simpler once you do.


  1. Great stuff Bill! Perception is everything! I believe good open communication can make all the difference. How many times have we jumped to a conclusion, then after having a conversation say, “OH, I didn’t see it that way, but now I do…and I can appreciate your point of view!” Thanks Bill!