How to Choose an Employment Service for Your Job Search
By Admin

July 8, 2010

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So, your benefits are running out. You’re feeling the pressure. But you’ve been trying hard to find a job with no luck. When you’re running in panic mode everything shuts down. Aside for the incredible sense of fear seeping through every muscle, you may feel empty, discouraged and apathetic to continue.  Put the fear aside.  There are solutions and that job is out there waiting for you.  It is, believe it or not,  a job seekers market now…but won’t be for long…so let’s get going.

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Tomorrow morning, set the alarm for 6:30.  Wake and dress.  Get that cup of coffee and be at your computer before 7 – sharp! You’ve got at least two hours of work to do.

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We’ll talk more about developing a concrete plan in finding that job in future articles.  Watch for them.  But your first task in finding that job, DON’T GROAN - is contacting employment agencies.  Employers would rather bring in people this way than off the street.  To them, it’s safer. They can get a feel for the individual. They like to be able to see if they are trainable, conscientious, responsible and compatible with the rest of the team. This is how they bring in new employees.

(This is true, and by the same token, if you find a company you want to work for only to be told they use services by all means ask – what service?)

Now Google:  Cleveland+employment agencies; Cleveland+temp agencies; Cleveland+temporary agencies and make your list.      Task one!

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How to choose an agency? Easy. Ask how they pay. If they pay daily, move on!  If they pay weekly that’s a good start.  Next ask about their hiring terms. This means – how long must you work for them before the job site can hire you. Now here is where you need to play close attention.  Normally you can expect 600 hours (12 weeks of forty hour weeks). Anything beyond that…. well…you’re call. In a three month period, if you keep your ears and eyes open you’ll get a good feel about whether or not you really want to work for this company and be part of their team. Anything shorter and you’re left wondering.

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Choose five employment agencies per week. Here’s a helpful hint: the Big Dogs as I call them are national. They have offices in every state and city you can imagine. Big Dogs are called National Firms. They mostly deal with HUGE accounts – corporate to corporate.  Most HUGE businesses only bring in interim employees when they need them and hire rarely.   You’ve heard of buy local?   Well you want to do the same thing in choosing your employment agency. Look for an agency that is local, hasn’t offices in other states, gives Cleveland their full focus and supports only our local economy. Here is where you’ll find your next job!  Call them to set up an appointment for next week.  Make one appointment for each afternoon. Let’s start filling up your calendar.  Theoretically, the more services you are registered with the greater your chances of employment.  Remember, companies use these services to solve their hiring needs.  They are looking for good, dependable people to HIRE permanently but they want to test the candidate out first.

Now of course Champion Personnel Systems will be the first call on that list won’t it? We’ll help you find that job together. Stay tuned for more tips and visit us on Facebook for even more information.  On either place feel free to comment, ask questions and share your thoughts and feelings.  We will respond!