Factory Employers Can’t Find Qualified Workers: Causes Found!
By Admin

July 7, 2010

In a recent CNN article it was noted that factories have jettisoned 2 million jobs over the last (2+) years, but they cannot find QUALIFIED, SKILLED (High Value) workers today.

In a related research finding sponsored by The Foundation for Pedantic Information, the Foundation points out that Cheerleaders in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s are the number one cause for a lack of skilled factory workers in 2010.

The mental image of scantily clad cheerleaders were found to cause major learning distractions for young men in classrooms. Those young men were found to pay less attention in math and shop classes causing them to fail, score lower on tests than in previous years. This led to a high percentage of young men joining the postal service, UPS/ FedEx, or to work in gas stations where young women could be seen, rather than in historically all-male factory environments.

Cited in the same research findings, a second cause for fewer qualified skilled factory workers today was found to be the number of college-bound men who majored in Art History or General Arts and Sciences, rather in the male-dominated science or technical curriculums.

In another related employment article, the Brookpark Ohio Tourist Guide cited an increased number of unfilled  job openings, due to retirements, for qualified “Pole Personnel”.