“I Set the Tone”
By Admin

June 30, 2010

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I am blessed because I get to do something I love everyday…build relationships with people.  Of course we all do that in our daily interactions with our friends and family, but when one decides to make a career out of creating relationships it becomes even more of a focus…more of a skill to hone. A skill that is not only rewarding for oneself, but for all the others we come in contact with each day.

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I remember thinking when I was younger, that a salespersons job was the best ever because they could sit and talk to people all day long and GET PAID FOR IT! Ok, well, I don’t know about the sitting part, but yes, we do get compensation for talking to others, for sharing ideas with others, collaborating with others, working on solutions with and for others.

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To the chagrin of many sales gurus out there, I’ve bucked the traditional aggressive, dollar driven, “get the sale now” tactics…they just don’t work for me.  I appreciate them when they happen effortlessly, but over time the big rewards come from the relationships and networks I have built. What I sell or represent may not be right for someone right now, but, by building the relationship and truly caring about the people I talk to, I may be the person they turn to later, or give a referral to.

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I’ve always approached sales by just focusing on being myself, opening myself up, being authentic to others, and LISTENING.  Because I initiate the call, I KNOW THAT IT’S UP TO ME TO SET THE TONE for the other person to be able to receive what I am going to offer.

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Actually setting the tone starts before I even pick the phone up.  In my mind, I am expecting positive interactions because I BELIEVE I am sharing something with them that may bring value and solutions to make their lives better. I believe in what I am doing and the purpose it comes from.  The way I look at it…would you run away from someone who is throwing money at you or offering to make your work easier?  And really means it?  Sometimes it takes a few conversations, brochures or success stories shared for people to see that, but that’s just human nature.  OK, sometimes A LOT of conversations, brochures and success stories.  It’s ok though, I know that what I do works against human nature.

We were all taught from a very young age to not trust or talk to strangers. Salespeople have to be willing to work GENUINELY at changing how other people think, feel and act about THEM, THEIR service and THEIR company. Most of the people I call have no clue who I am, but whether or not they want to get to know me more, and continue to build a relationship starts by me LEADING…SETTING THE TONE.