The Pranksta — Who Did That?
By Admin

June 10, 2010

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen it’s the Pranksta,

I have a new prank to pull on co-workers I think everyone will get a kick out of this one.

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What you will need is to invest in a little thing called the Fart Machine.   It retails for $12.99.   If you don’t know what this machine is it is a 3” battery powered speaker that makes about 15 different fart sounds.

(I didn’t realize there were fifteen different fart sounds).

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It comes with a small remote control that can fit in your pocket to keep things discreet.  You can trigger the machine from about 100 feet away perfect if you work in a bigger office.

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Now what you are going to want to do is find out which one of your co-workers gets embarrassed easily. Once you have your target you are going to strap the Fart Machine under their chair or hide the machine around their desk somewhere.  Maybe in a drawer.

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When your co-worker comes in to work and sits down at his or hers desk hit the button and watch their face!  Or when you guys are taking a break and someone cracks a joke and everyone is laughing hit it again and watch their facial expressions.  I guarantee they will have a shocked look on their face.

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Another option is put it in your back pocket and walk up to a co-worker and ask them a question.  When they are answering you hit the button. Then blame them and walk away in disgust.  I’m sure they will be feeling embarrassed the rest of the day or trying to convince you they didn’t fart.

Maybe team up with a co-worker if you are pulling this prank on someone and have them video tape your victims reaction.

If you tape this prank I would love to see your videos and if you want, I’ll post them here IF your victim agrees!

Have fun,

The Pranksta


  1. Ahhh……brings back memories! Didn’t know they still made those.

  2. They are still available and just as funny as back in the day!

  3. Great one Pranksta! Can’t wait to see who tries this in our office. Keep them coming!