No You Didn’t — Email a Resume?
By Admin

June 3, 2010

Sending job resumes – FINDINGAJOB 101.

So you found a company that has an opening.  And you think you fit the bill.

Your resume is complete so why not send the resume over as requested by the employer – you think. And you better do it fast too.

You copy their email into the address bar and attach that resume.    Now you press send and hope for the best.

Right?    Are you kidding me?    Did you really just do that?    You sent your resume from a blank email!  Seriously?

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You did no research on the company because you thought you’d better get this out to them before all those hundreds of people send theirs.  You really have no clue what that company does, who their market is or what their needs might really be beyond the brief description you just read from the job posting.  So you really don’t know if you have other skills that could be utilized as well as the ones mentioned. You know NOTHING!


If someone sent you an email attachment with nothing to explain who it is from or what it is for, would you even open it?  I DON’T THINK SO!

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Leaving out the fact that you made no attempt to personalize an email with an introduction of yourself, a demonstration that you have an understanding of the company, a brief mention that you have additional skills ( and mention one or two) that they could utilize that go beyond the job posting which might fit the needs of a company such as they, nor did you have the courtesy to take the time to uncover the hiring authorities name!  A contact name!  Who do you think is going to hire you an email? A simple phone call could find that out.  What would it take?  One minute to look up the phone number online and another to place the call to ask the receptionist who their HR Director is?    Is that too hard for you to do?

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If you can’t present yourself as a professional, thinking, problem solving employee then why even waste someone’s in box with your spam?  You really aren’t interested in finding a job are you?


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    People wonder why they are not getting hired? They simply are not doing the work to present themselves as a “do-er”. Companies are hiring ONLY those folks who they think will have GREAT work ethics and will do more than show up for a check. This is an example.

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    I so agree with you Robert. Why miss a wonderful opportunity of showing more of yourself by sending a blank email? Sending a blank email reflects the “not my job” attitude instead of the “do-er” attitude that you mentioned. Thank you for your comment.