Is it Really That Easy to Find the Perfect Candidate for That Job?
By Admin

May 19, 2010

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As a company who is in search of good, dependable, experienced and qualified candidates you would think that there would be so many available people out there that you’d have no problem finding that position on your own.  But do you really know how many are screened by a staffing company prior to presenting just ONE candidate to you?

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In this economy where so many businesses have either closed or laid off staff you would think the available candidate pool is huge but a behind the scene glance of our Cleveland based staffing company, Champion Professional Systems, tells a different story.

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A new client of mine just asked me if the candidate pool was plentiful.  I tried very hard to maintain my composure.  I respectfully told them that every employer I speak with thinks the candidate pool is huge at this time because of the high unemployment numbers. Unfortunately, that is not the case in this market and employers really need to understand what’s happening today.

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With so many extensions available many potential candidates are either: living off the fat with a sense of entitlement only making the minimum job search requirement to keep their benefits or they become dependant on the security of a system as large as the states. We see professionals who are just sitting around waiting for that perfect job to come their way and they think it’s around the corner (as they wait and wait of course).  Others are applying for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING no matter if they are over, under or not even qualified for the position.  For one job opening, our recruiters receive at least 120 resumes. The time it takes a recruiter now to do their job well has increased exponentially, at least four times longer than previous years.

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Each resume is reviewed and categorized.  Of those resumes there may be 15 who might come close to the requirements of the advertised job.  After our pre-screen telephone interview that fifteen might be brought down to about six.  After the appropriate background verification, drug testing, credit checks and any and all pre-hire tests which are analyzed, there may or may not be three viable candidates.  But closing the deal with them is the most difficult part.  Convincing them that it is safe to make a leap of faith to leave the security of a system that had been providing to them and their families during these difficult times becomes a challenge all its own.

No, the candidate pool is not as good as you think it may be. The time it takes to fill one job order is immense.  I don’t see how businesses can recruit independently.  If they  did then there would be no time left to do all the rest of their HR responsibilities.  They would be spending their time advertising, reviewing resumes, and pre-screening, weeding out more than bringing in, interviewing, testing and then convincing them to accept their job position. I don’t see where they’d get all that time!  It’s a tough market out there for recruiting, very time intensive.

How much time do you as an HR professional really have on your hands?