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April 26, 2010

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International corporation needs to take HR to the next level or professionalism. You will be THE person in the USA to mold and implement new procedures, systems and visions that mesh with a new corporate vision to reach $1 Bil (A substantial boost from where they are now) in the next decade. The corporation has simply outgrown their “small company”  ad-hoc versions of great people-oriented programs and procedures and now needs to implement better systems and procedures, along with making everyone smile, to help lay the foundation for future growth. The interesting (and positive) thing about this is that all management is looking forward to having that support. ALL upper management not only support this, but are eagerly awaiting your expertise.

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You will massage and implement the long awaited employee handbook, you will cement and train and coach on all the procedures. You will work directly with all management to encourage the implementation of centralized recruiting, hiring and all the support that goes with that.

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You will travel to a second facility and travel to regional offices to implement and train and coach on all systems. You will travel to NA headquarters to learn how they have done this.

You will take your solid generalist skills and implement a cradle to grave Onboarding system throughout the plants, offices and management staff.

You will pull a tremendous number of assets together and make them work.

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We seek solid generalist skills in HR and Onboarding. Manufacturing understanding. Solid system skills in recruiting. Solid systems skills to oversee the implementation of people and their talents into a corporate vision. Degree, 3-5 years on true HR experience, ability to travel. $50K to begin. Position is located in the Norton Ohio area (near Medina, Akron, Wadsworth, Cuyahoga Falls, Barberton)


Let’s talk about you, your skills and your visions.

Respectfully submitted.

Robert Schepens


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    Lets put NEO back to work. Search your memory banks and help Robert put a great company together with someone you know that has Human Resource experience.