Walk it Off!
By Admin

April 21, 2010

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There used to be a philosophy of workplace management – and even a book – called Management By Walking Around. For a short time the acronym MBWA was as well known as WWJD. The point was that managers would know and understand their businesses if they left their offices once in awhile and walked around and talked with people. But then, one day, they stopped walking.

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Hmmmm, maybe that’s why so many corporate CEOs are going to jail now. They didn’t walk around enough. Well, they’ll get their exercise now… in the prison yard.

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But, that’s not the point. The point is… exercise. One of the best exercises you can get is to walk. Somebody calls you to a meeting; go to his or her office. Walk. You work in building with more than one story? Got stairs? Walk. Eat in the cafeteria? After lunch, go for a walk. Alone or with a group. Just walk. Need to talk with someone who works down the hall? Don’t call. Don’t email. Walk.

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The side benefit of walking, of course (and what MBWA also taught) is that people see you and are reminded of something they want to tell you or ask you – or occasionally – thank you for. Tip: Carry a pen and a small notebook. By the time you get back to your office, you might forget what they asked.

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The main benefit of walking, though, is that it’s damn good exercise. Whenever you can, wherever you can – in your office, school, hospital, shop, wherever you work – walk.

When you get home, after a half-hour or hour commute, go for walk with your kids or your spouse. Walk to the local library or around the block. It’s a good time to talk. And, again, its damn good exercise.

Well, that’s all the advice I have for today. I’ve been sitting for a while writing this and I think it’s time I got up and… went for a walk.