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April 23, 2010

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We here at A Great Workplace believe that all work and no play…are just … wrong. So we’ve decided to add a little levity to your workplace just for fun!  Every Friday we will be sharing…shall we say, prank ideas for the workplace.

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Humor can sometimes help relieve stresses found at the workplace. At least that’s our rationale for the Friday Funnies part of The Great Workplace blog.   We invite you to share your own pranks and ideas with us.  We’ll post your ideas at the bottom of each Friday’s submission.   If we use your idea, we’ll email you to find where we should send a gift certificate for Barnes and Noble so you can buy whatever additional prank books you need to keep the funnies coming!

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Here’s an important suggestion regarding our weekly pranks.  All of what we post is tried and true – we provide you with pranks that worked.  No harm will be done on any person, place or thing and we ask the same of your submissions.  If you use our pranks, let us know if they worked for you.  What would you have done differently? And tell us how ticked off your co-worker was when you did it.   Enjoy and let me know how it turns out.

Brian aka the Pranksta

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Below are office pranks that we pulled on our own co-workers to break up the day in the office. Our boss is very “green” and doesn’t like it when we leave our computers and monitors on in the evenings and especially over the weekend. We put our heads together and came up with a whole list of computer pranks. We shared this idea with our boss and he told us to “go for it”.  Our victims this time were everyone in our office who just “couldn’t remember” to turn off their computers over the weekend.  There were three of us completing the pranks on eight people.  We stayed late one Friday so that on Monday, those people who left their computers on over the weekend were in for a big surprise.   You could say we “punked” them all!

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We had fun watching and listening to their frustration when each of the pranks we set took off.   One almost kicked their computer across the floor.   We had to step up to the plate and admit our guilt before that happened or we’d have had to buy the next computer for the company.   One almost cried because she was so scared at “what she had done” to the computer…we let that one go and changed her letters back when she went to lunch.   And another woman (a very quiet, mild mannered middle aged woman) got outed as having graduated from the truck driving school of linguistics.  We never knew she had such a vocabulary!  It was the best Monday we three have had in a long, long time.  And nobody leaves their computers on anymore.   Nobody!


Right-click on the desktop and click properties. You can then make one or more of these changes:

~change the desktop image to something funny

~change the size, font, and color of the windows

~set a new screen saver

~Switch the keyboard keys M and N (simply swapping M and N gets a great result)we did this to  a sales rep and boy was he ticked

~Save random nonsense as a favorite in the browser. Examples: Barry Gibb Fan Club, Clay Aiken Fan Club, Hello Kitty Fan Club,

~Change people’s icons (right click on the icon, click properties, shortcut, and change icon).

For a real “nasty” computer prank:

~ MS Word – change some of the AutoCorrect

This is when they type a set of words that they usually type every day like:  “To Whom It May Concern” set the automatic correct to “Hey Jackass” or “Dear Idiot”.  These auto corrections are meant to automatically correct a commonly made mistake or enable you to type shorthand.  It can be set to change any word, name or combination of words into a preset word or phrase. Settings –Format – Auto Format – AutoCorrect

More computer pranks:

~ For more additional computer pranks we provide you with this awesome You Tube video with Detailed Instructions.

Yep, these are bad but very successful.  Be prepared to receive the wrath of your victim and remember….what goes around comes around!

Send us your ideas and please let us know if you tried any of our pranks and  how they worked for you!



  1. COOL!!! Thanks Prankster!
    Watch out next friday in YOUR office (I have keys).