Welcome to The Great Workplace
By Admin

March 23, 2010


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The Great Workplace is proud to announce the birth of its blog! We welcome you to our world and invite you to be apart of it! This blog is for everyone in northeast Ohio!

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The section marked The Great Workplace is for business owners, hiring managers and anyone in authority within their organization who wants to make their own role and their company a Great Workplace!   We will be providing you with helpful ideas to better create that kind of environment.  Articles on: hiring tips, conflict management, developing stronger communication skills will help you do what you need to do to make your business successful. We’ll be providing regular articles to get you thinking about your workplace with suggestions on how to create, plan, and implement those thoughts. Feel free to communicate your thoughts and opinions and post suggestions if you wish.   This is for you and we invite you to become an active participant.

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Work is Good is the area for those of you who are in search of employment. You may be currently employed and looking for other opportunities or unemployed and searching. We’ll have tips and suggestions to better prepare and present you to potential employers. Resume writing, cover letter writing, mock interviews, career coaching articles will all be available to support you on your way to a successful placement.

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Then there are areas for all of us to share….The Community Soapbox … spout off, what’s on your mind? Do you need a soap box to stand on because what you are thinking needs to be heard?  Step up and onto our soap box and vent!  There is a lot happening out there, let’s hear it from you….

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The WorkFarce is our play area.  We all have workplace stories; this is where they are shared with us and to others visiting this blog.  And you are invited to submit! We want you to participate, contribute, play with us, not just sit and read!   Join in!

About our collaborators

Our collaborators have been hand picked in an effort to provide businesses with a one stop shop for all your hiring needs. Our collaborators are considered the best in their class.  We will present them to you now:

Occucenters – an Occupational Medical Provider.  A full service medical provider to meet the needs of northeast Ohio’s employers.

And EmployeeScreen IQ a full service background company for BOTH corporate and personal needs.

Moore Counseling & Mediation Services is the mental health aspect providing the full range of support from creating and establishing a Drug Free Workplace, to actual testing and recovery if needed.

Champion Personnel Systems a one stop professional employment search company specializing in Executive, Contract, Interim and Direct placement of qualified applicants. Their blog has lots of good helpful information for both hiring authorities and the job searcher.

MeyersRoman– business law, employment law, workers’ compensation law experts.

Each of our collaborators will be posting relative information to help you become better at what you need to achieve at any given time.

Come, play, grow and learn with us on The Great Work Place.

Stay tuned for we are new and change will be continual on this blog.   Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions.  Let us know what you need from us and we’ll do our best to get that information to you! Together, we can make North East Ohio, The Greatworkplace!

Do visit often!   How do you like it so far?